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Deep Layer Inc.

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Deep Layer Inc. provides secure private key infrastructure access to protected online services.

Access requires license and security token provided by Raccoon Technologies Incorporated.

October 2018 Event Center

Active Servers for Members include virtual worlds and environments goverend by IP7A policies and the Human Unification Movement (HUM) Operators moderation. Members are encouraged to develop civil worlds for online social activity and relaxation. Like VRCHAT, our projects focus on 3D environments including both Manifold Space Engine (MSE) and other pre-RTX graphics technology still popular with VR and mobile users.

Old School community include Runescape (Classic), indie games in development and testing, and casual MUD (Multi-user-dungeon) style online games like Stardew Valley and Fallout 76. True Multi-User Environments supporting thousands of players are our primary focus, while we offer other software-as-a-service for comparison and educational purposes similar to a museum concept. Our goal is to develop true multi-user communities beyond DLC / Pay-to-Play / PVP concepts, building natural models based on the IP7A technology and theories.

Members may connect to our voice conferencing server and other platforms using the Seven-Alpha identity card system.

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