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April 2020 Event Center

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DEEP LAYER INC. manages streaming promotion and team events.

Our broadcasters strive for content suitable for adult viewers with sponsorship in high market personal, home, and business products.

Deep Layer is a leader in responsible uncompromising technical broadcast communities since 2011. Censorship and general audiences limit premium products from reaching mature consumers with strong guidance and programming content suitable for men and women together. Our audience are predominately stakeholders and equity owners seeking peer programming above the graduate level.

Areas of Interest:
Geopolitics, Legal Theory, Industry, Science and Technology, Medicine, Conflict Regions, Film, Civil Rights and Children's Rights.

Combat Arms Network

New services for IP7A members afford direct video streams of proprietary content not subject to public access, including advanced warfighter technology suited for operations in next-generation warfare. Deep Layer Inc. explores this in Combat Arms Network simulation and content feeds from select vendors.

Fifth and Sixth Generation Combat Arms explore advanced arms capable of engaging overwhelming odds in asymetric use of weapons of mass destruction against national and planetary resistance. The model is based on the motto "Outnumbered By One" - whereby one advanced warfighter may engage multinational forces with a high probability of success. Weapons and technology in this venue may be subject to export and disclosure regulations. Strong user identity and credentials are required.

AM24 age restrictions apply, due to content and subject matter. AM24 ensures professional and academic audiences in a diverse global culture. Age restrictions are based on the nature of combat arms and obligations at law to any disclosure and strong identity assurance. AM24 ensures that presenters do not feel pressure to limit content solely for 'general audiences' or COPPA concerns.


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